Hola Cardinal Crew!! It’s just fitting that this is our fifth blog coming to you in quarantine AND next week is CINDO DE MAYO! (We’re not letting quarantine stop us from celebrating, we hope you guys won’t either).

ANYWAYS! So last week we gave you guys some ideas on how to improve your time in quarantine with different ways to help better your mental/physical health and wellness. But this week, we have a VERY special treat for you! A lot of you may already know our very own amazing, talented, lovely, beautiful, kind and awesome TYG agent, Liz Allen! BUT, we bet you guys didn’t know that Liz is passionate about real estate AND nutrition – so we’re about to drop some knowledge on you!

Liz has a Nutrition and Dietetics Degree from JMU, and has a long history with helping people in many different facets of the wellness industry! This week, Liz wanted to share a little bit of her expertise on keeping your bodies happy and healthy during all of this craziness! Although she probably didn’t have Cinco de Mayo in mind when she recorded this; but we hope that you guys can find some takeaways from her video!

And don’t forget, Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday this year…ENJOY CARDINAL CREW!


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