Happy sixth week of quarantine blogging! We’re just going to bring this little intro back for a hot second – it has pertinence we promise…HEY ALL YOU COOL CARDINALS, CATS, AND KITTENS! We are very excited for this week’s blog!


Has quarantine been unkind to you, like it has been to us and so many others? Do you think about waking up each morning to a new furry friend? Have you been thinking about adopting an adorable new buddy with 4 legs, but just can’t commit? WELL, we’re here to peer pressure you to just go for it (of course the peer pressure is contingent on if you’re able to commit to taking care of the life of an addition to your family).


For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting our sales agent, Sue Walsh – YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Sue is the best, we’d even say that she’s the G.O.A.T (acronym for “greatest of all time” for those of you who need some schooling on how to be hip). Although we are unsure if she’s had experience with goats, she’s definitely had experience with other animals! Sue has 15 years of New Homes experience as well as 6+ years of residential Real Estate experience with Long & Foster; but when she’s not selling houses, she is a volunteer and a foster mom for Richmond Animal League (RAL). And today, she wants to share with you guys a little about what she does with RAL, and how you can adopt a furry best friend.


We’ve been seeing a trend lately in quarantine that people who were on the fence about adopting, are now going through with it because they now have the time to train and spend quality time with their pets. If you’re in this situation, reach out to Sue or check out RAL to see if you fall in love with one of their adoptable babies! Visit www.ral.org today!

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