Henrico County Public Schools serves a diverse community of over 320,000 located at the west, north, and east of the city of Richmond. It is the 6th largest public school division in Virginia, made up of 72 schools serving over 50,000 students.

Henrico County Public Schools is known for their academic excellence. 17 division schools earned 2016 Virginia Index of Performance Awards for advance learning and achievement, making them have the most schools earning this distinction in the Richmond Region. Henrico Schools also lead central Virginia in teachers certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Each of the division’s high schools host an academic specialty center, allowing students to pursue their interest in a preferred area, such as engineering, world languages, etc.

To find out more about what makes Henrico County Public Schools so special, let’s look at the high schools in the area.

Deep Run High School

The Deep Run High School is located in the suburban West End of Henrico County and has a population of about 1,600 students in grades 9-12. Faculty consists of 135 teachers, 5 school counselors, and 5 administrators. Deep Run houses the Center for Information Technology consisting of approximately 160 students and 6 faculty members.

The Center for Information Technology provides a 4-year curriculum focusing on technology based education that will prepare them for the future, whether they choose to go into Computer Science or not. Classes include everything from Computer Science to Programming to Web design. Students also have the ability to gain real world experience through Non-Profit projects and internships.

According to niche.com, Deep Run High School has a 98% average graduation rate.

Douglas S. Freeman High School

Douglas Freeman High School, located in the county’s West End, has approximately 1,750 students and 175 employees and staff. Douglas S Freeman is home to the Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics.

The Center for Leadership, Government, and Global Economics aims to prepare its graduates to act as principle centered servant leaders in their communities. Students are exposed to the complexities of political, social, and economic life. The Center has approximately 200 students, and award winning faculty members.

According to USNews.com, Douglas S Freeman High Schools has an 89% average graduation rate.

Glen Allen High School

Glen Allen High School is the newest high school in Henrico County, opening in September of 2010. The school is comprised of approximately 1,730 students and 150 staff members. Glen Allen High School is home to the Center for Education and Human Development.

The Center for Education and Human Development offers a comprehensive curriculum that helps develop educators and leaders. The curriculum focuses on areas such as research based instructional practices, professional development, psychology as it relates to education, and models best practices for teaching and other leadership roles.

According to niche.com, Glen Allen High School has a 96% average graduation rate.

Mills E. Godwin High School

Mills E. Godwin, built in 1980, has a student population of 1,800 and 160 faculty and staff. Godwin High School houses the county’s specialty center for Medical Sciences.

The Center for Medical Sciences, with assistance from its partnership with VCU School of Medicine, is designed to provide qualified students who have an interest and medicine and health science, the opportunity to gain early exposure in the medical field.

According to USNews.com, Mills E Godwin has a 97% average graduation rate.

Henrico High School

Henrico High School is centrally located and serves 1,600 students with 150 teachers and faculty. Henrico High School offers 2 specialty centers – the Center for the Arts and the International Baccalaureate Program.

The Center for Fine Arts offers instruction in dance, theatre, visual arts, and musical theatre. Students must apply and audition.

The International Baccalaureate Program, upon successful completion, helps students earn advanced placement status at many colleges and universities throughout the world.

According to niche.com, Henrico High School has an 86% average graduation rate.

Hermitage High School

Hermitage High School has a population of about 1,5550 students, 135 teachers, 6 school counselors, and 5 administrators. Hermitage High School houses the Center for Humanities consisting of 8 faculty members and 150 students.

The Humanities Center studies history, literature, philosophy, arts, and the various cultural, religious, and folk traditions that express humanity.

According to niche.com, Hermitage High School has a 76% average graduation rate.

Highland Springs High School

Highland Springs High School, located in eastern Henrico, serves 1,700 students and has a faculty and staff of 160. Highland Springs is home to the Advance College Academy for Business Administration, and the Center for Engineering.

The ACA (Advance College Academy for Business Administration) provides the opportunity for students to earn both an advanced studies diploma and an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Reynolds Community College.

The Center for Engineering is a pre-engineering program emphasizing the study of engineering, architecture, and design as applied to aeronautics, mass transit, and other public or private transportation.

According to niche.com, Highland Springs High School has a 74% average graduation rate.

J.R. Tucker High School

J.R. Tucker High School serves approximately 1,665 students and has more than 127 faculty and staff members. Students can explore a wide range of academic and elective courses, as well as two technical centers: The Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship, the International Baccalaureate Programme, and the Advance College Academy.

The Advance College Academy is partnered with Reynolds Community College where students can complete an Associate of Science degree in Social Sciences while completing the requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma.

The Center for Spanish Language and Global Citizenship allows students to take immersion Spanish classes during all 4 years of high school and also gives them the opportunity to travel and study abroad. This program helps students gain respect for the diversity of languages and backgrounds, while expanding their insight into the structure of the English Language.

According to niche.com, J.R. Tucker High School has an 85% average graduation rate.

Varina High School

Varina High School, located in eastern Henrico, serves 1,550 students and has 120 teachers, 6 school counselors, and 5 administrators. Varina High School houses the Center for Communications.

The Center of Communications provides a rigorous college-prepatory program of studies with specialized learning in writing and communication. Courses help enhance student’s skills in the fields of television, photography, computer information systems, multimedia, graphic design, advertising, journalism, and public relations.

According to niche.com, Varina High School has an 82% average graduation rate.

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