Goochland County


Goochland County is a traditionally-rural county within the Commonwealth of Virginia, situated just west of Virginia’s capital or Richmond. The Goochland County Public Schools opened in 1870 and have been operating continuously ever since.

Currently, Goochland County Public Schools has a K-12 enrollment of 2,400 students, which has increased by 8/8% since 2002. There are 3 elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. There are also 2 centers, one serving students who require an alternative setting, and one serving pre-school children.

In 2016, Goochland Middle School was named a National School to Watch and Byrd Elementary School was named a Distinguished Title 1 School.

To find out more about what makes Goochland County Public Schools so special, let’s look at the schools:

Elementary Schools:

  • Randolph Elementary
  • Goochland Elementary
  • Byrd Elementary

Goochland Middle School

Goochland Middle School is #1 in Reading performance, #1 in Math performance, #1 in History performance, and #2 in Science performance based on 2015 SOL results compared to other central Virginia middle schools. Grades 6-7 participate in the divisions 1:1 program with iPads to focus on deeper learning, and they have been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program.

Goochland High School

Goochland High School continues to meet the demands of an ever-changing population of students. As the county has grown, course offerings have expanded to include special education, visual and performing arts, foreign languages, GED, advanced placement, computer technology, dual enrollment, and the college connection academy (which allows students to earn college credits while still in high school.

Athletics at Goochland High School have been an integral part of the total school program, offering football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, cross country, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball.

Goochland High School also offers its students many Career and Technical Education courses, as well as the opportunity to be a part of the ROTC program.

According to, Goochland High School has a 92% average graduation rate.

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