Happy Thursday everyone! If you couldn’t tell by the calendar or by the heat – it is officially summer! So with that being said, what better way to kick off the season by sharing some tips for all you TYG followers to stay cool – and we ain’t talking about your A/C! There are a lot of summer trends spreading around the world wide web, but we wanted you guys to have our exclusive favorite trends!

First of all – when we think of summer, we think of colors. So liven up your home with some summer vibes with vibrant and electric colors. It is an effective way to make a statement that you are not only fun, but brave enough to rock a bright yellow lampshade next to your off-white sectional sofa. Speaking of white, we’re about to pull a 180 on you! So to go along with your funky and wild decorative colors, we also suggest lightening up your home with some white wood. It has a way to brighten up your space and capture the nature lighting. If you’re more on the bold side, then we got a tip that’s right up your ally! Two words – animal print. We’re not suggesting you go overboard with the design, but adding one or two pieces really brings the energy to the room with an exotic feel. Now, who doesn’t like comfortability? Let’s be real – we all do; and we’re not just talking about couches or pretty decorative pillows here. We’re bringing the comfy to the floor! Floor cushions aren’t only aesthetically appealing, but they’re great for extra seating when you have more guests over to see how summery your house is!


You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on these little projects, just keep an eye out for some sales at your local home decor stores – you, your house and your guests will thank us! To read more about some of our favorite summer decor tips, read this article on Decor Mag here! (link the word here to the URL of article https://www.decoraid.com/blog/summer-home-decor-trends-2019/)

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