Hey all you cool cardinals, cats and kittens! (If you don’t get the reference, get on Netflix right now and watch Tiger King)

We know that these past few weeks have been a little…different. But, at TYG we want to make sure that you all are staying safe and comfortable in your own homes to social distance yourselves and help flatten the curve! Therefore, we’re going to try to pump out as much content as possible for you all these next several weeks to keep yourselves entertained and informed during this (crazy) time.

Hopefully, everyone should know what’s going on in the world…if not, then we have bigger things to worry about. And we’re sure that you all have seen a million and one things about this virus and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from it. BUT – here at The Yeatman Group, we want to give you all a few friendly “cardinal” reminders (yes, we’re still keeping our humor and puns intact).

FIRSTLY – wash your hands…AND your cell phone and laptop (basically any hand held device). We’ve once heard that your phone carries more germs and bacteria than a public toilet – let that one soak in. From everything we’ve seen, the CDC suggests to wash your hands for 20 seconds; and a little helpful hint is to sing a song while you do it! You can sing the Happy Birthday Song or the ABC’s, or really any song in the history of music for that matter because we can only imagine you’d probably lose your mind after singing a bunch of children melodies. Check out this article from NPR for more inspo on songs to sing – guaranteed you’ll find something that will stick to make washing your hands more fun https://n.pr/2R79ued !

SECOND – Are you aware that an estimated 42% of the population aren’t cleaning their surfaces properly?! If you don’t know how long the virus survives on surfaces, we’re here to tell you! The coronavirus can last 24 hours on cardboard, 48-72 hours on plastic, 48-72 hours on stainless steel. This information is CRUCIAL for those of you getting groceries and letting external things into your home; therefore…DISINFECT EVERYTHING! Ditch unwanted germs at the door by disinfecting everything immediately once they come into your home. For example, when you have groceries coming into your kitchen, have a designated spot on your counter to place your items before moving them to a clean section after disinfecting them. Once they’re all clean, disinfect the compromised area – AND VOILÁ!

It’s also important to remove dirty clothes immediately, get into a clean hands routine during the day, focus on cleaning high touch surfaces, and disinfect things the right way by using effective cleaning products, maybe even set up a cleaning schedule!

We hope that you all are staying informed and healthy, and that you all are doing everything in your power to help flatten this curve so we can take down this virus and get back to enjoying the things that we may have taken for granted. We really miss you all, so the faster this goes away the quicker we can all be back on our routines! Don’t forget to call us at 804-NEW-HOME if you need anything, we are always here for you!

Until next time Cardinal Crew!

PS – Don’t forget to watch Tiger King

-The Yeatman Group

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