Happy Saturday Cardinal Crew! We’ve made it through another quarantined week (if you haven’t watched our quarantine video yet, check it out below – it’s very entertaining).

So now that it’s the weekend, I’m sure you all are looking for activities to do. But in all actuality, how many times can you walk your dog around the neighborhood or do yard work? Like come on, let’s be honest here. Since it’s the weekend, you know what we say? TREAT. YO. SELF. (Continue reading to get that reference).

We aren’t talking about self care with face masks (not the medical/corona kind) and bubble baths – although you could really juggle those simultaneously as well if you’d like. No – we, our friends, are talking about…NETFLIX SHOW BINGING! Like come on, how often can you refer to yourself as a superhero/outstanding citizen by staying home and binge watching tv shows?

Sometimes it’s okay to sit on your couch and watch a netflix show for 8 hours straight! We are not here to judge; rather, we are here to help! We have compiled our own professional opinions of our top 5 choices to watch on the all mighty Netflix. And don’t worry – they’re genre specific (after all, we aren’t rookies).

First, if you’re feeling like the majority of the social distancing world, you probably need a little cheering up. So here is some comedic relief!

1) New Girl

2) The Office

3) Parks and Recreation

4) Schitt$ Creek

5) Grace and Frankie

Next, if you’re feelin like experiencing a little rollercoaster of emotions, check out these dramas!

1) Ozark

2) Grey’s Anatomy

3) Outlander

4) The Vampire Diaries

5) Breaking Bad

If you are getting ancy and need to live through someone else’s adventures and adrenaline, here are some action shows to keep you on your toes!

1) Peaky Blinders

2) Narcos

3) The Umbrella Academy

4) Altered Carbon

5) Frontier

Next, if – for whatever reason – you feel like you need to be more scared than how we’re feeling with the current state of the world here are some horror showsfor you weirdos…

1) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

2) Haunting of Hill House

3) The Walking Dead

4) American Horror Story

5) Bates Motel

For those who need an escape to another world and reality, check out these fantasy shows!

1) The Shannara Chronicles

2) The Dark Crystal

3) Locke & Key

4) Once Upon A Time

5) Vampire Diaries

And for those folks feeling a little nostalgic, here are some classic throwbacks!

1) The Twilight Zone

2) Andy Griffin Show

3) Monty Python’s Flying Circus

4) Star Trek

5) Pee-Wee’s Play House

Lastly, if you want a show that has EVERYTHING– here you go…

  • Tiger King

Really you can’t go wrong watching any of these, because let’s be real – all we have is time right now. So just remember, there are some days that you should TREAT YO SELF (refer to #3 in comedy) and spend it on your couch with your loved ones that you’re quarantined with…6 feet apart. Whether you have already seen these shows or not – just go ahead and give them (another) try! If you have any other shows that weren’t listed, feel free to comment and share!

Until next time Cardinal Crew!

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