Howdy to our Quarantined Cardinal Crew! For those of you who have been tuning into our blogs over the last few weeks, you may have caught on to an underlying theme – and it rhymes with Borona.


While we are all still social distancing and quarantining, we have to stay positive and remember that this all will pass. BUT…that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some struggles along the way. That’s why it’s super super crucial to take care of one of the biggest AND most important things that we can work on – our health and wellness.


Whether if it’s mental or physical, we wanted to give you guys ten ideas on how to sustain or improve your situation while we’re stuck at home. If you guys are currently participating in some of these tips – FANTASTIC! Pay them forward to a loved one to help them through this time as well. So, let’s get into it shall we?



1) Exercise


Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you train for a marathon! However, we do believe that getting your heart pumpin will make you and your body feel tremendously better! We’re sure that the majority of you have access to walking trails and sidewalks, so get out there! Go for a walk, ride your bike, run (bless you if you’re into that sort of thing), or bring out your rollerblades from decades back and give them a spin! And if being outside ain’t your thang (we get it, pollen is not our friend either), there are always things to do inside like yoga, dancing/zumba, or just anything remotely active that will get your mind focused on something other than looking at a screen! 


2) Driving


Even if we can’t technically “go” anywhere, that doesn’t mean that we still can’t enjoy the feeling of riding around with your windows down and listening to your favorite songs! For some people, driving can be therapeutic. So if you need to get out of your home, grab the fam and the pets and just go mellow out and drive around to get a change of scenery! 


3) Meditation


We understand that the word “meditation” is subjective in that it can mean a million things to different people. But that is what’s so great about it! If you have a particular way of “zenning” yourself out, do it! Take the time to focus on yourself and your thoughts, and just find a way to relax. If that’s listening to music, doing breathing exercises, or taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine – get to it! 


4) Cooking


At TYG, we love food – I mean come on, who doesn’t?! We’re sure that you have a favorite recipe that you enjoy making, but we want to challenge you to test your skills and taste buds. Change up the cuisine, try something new that you’ve never had before from a different culture! Or, if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone – that’s totally okay! The idea of this tip is to allow yourself to feel creative in the kitchen and get those endorphins flowing with some yummy food! 


5) Reading


Even though we wrote a blog specifically on Netflix shows, we don’t want you thinking that we’re some uncultured swine who doesn’t enjoy reading (heard that in a movie once – ironic to this topic huh). With reading, it allows you to tune out the world around you, and rather focus on the words in front of you. It also enables you to spend time with yourself and only worry about the pages in your hands, so go get lost in some of that paper with those fancy markings on them. 


6) Writing


If you’ve never been the kind of person to attempt to write things down, that’s totally okay! But keep in mind, writing is a way to express your thoughts and transfer them out of your head and  on to paper. It doesn’t matter if they are your deepest and innermost feelings, or if they’re a grocery list. You might even find yourself being a talented poet or lyricist! Just start writing things down, who knows where your creativity will take you! 


7) Self Care


This tip is awesome, because it can mean so many fun things. Haven’t washed your hair in 9 days? Massage that scalp with some yummy shampoo and conditioner and style the crap out of it. Tired of wearing a facemask to help prevent the spread of germs? Put on the kind of face mask that makes your skin and pores happy. Been eating healthy to prevent you from the Corona 15? Eat some chocolate cake and TREAT YO SELF (yes, we’re still saying that). Just do something that will make you happy!!! 


8) Cleaning


Now this tip ain’t for everyone, but at the same time we hope that you’re not living in an episode of TLC’s “Hoarders: Buried Alive” in your own homes. Cleaning can be therapeutic to a lot of people. Cleaning and decluttering can help decrease your anxiety and stress in being able to control the environment around you! It also just makes everything look prettier, and who doesn’t like their house to look pretty? 


9) Crafts 


This tip is intended to be fun! Bring out the crafts and channel your inner child! This activity is also great if you do have kids, because it’s something you guys can do as a family. And if you need ideas on this, check out our blog from last week for some inspiration! 


10) Communication


This may be the best health and wellness tip we can suggest – because it is SO important for people to know that we are all in this together (cue the High School Musical song). Reach out to your family members that you haven’t spoken to since the last family reunion or holiday. Text your friends (especially the extroverted ones who are struggling with the social distancing) and ask if they want to do a virtual happy hour or plan a time to just chat on the phone. Say hi to strangers you see walking on the sidewalk or your Amazon delivery person who brings you your daily online purchases (we hope that’s not just us). Even just a smile or a wave can have a bigger impact on someone’s life than we’ll ever know. We’re all going through this, some worse than others – so it’s imperative that we’re all there for each other during this time.


We hope you guys are hanging in there, and that these ideas can improve your mental and physical experience through this crazy time. And don’t forget, TYG is here for you guys with anything you need! We WILL get through this, stay strong Cardinal Crew!

See you next week!
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