Welcome back Cardinal Crew to the third straight week of BORE-ona BORE-antine Blogs…get it? Because we know you all are bored!

So hopefully we were able to help you all out with picking out some Netflix shows to pass the time. But today, we’re going to share some more tips and ideas with you all to help with your sanity while you’re stuck at home! This week is dedicated to…QUARANTINE PROJECTS!

And here is some good news! If you’re Bob the Builder level experienced, or if you don’t know which end to use of a paintbrush – it doesn’t matter! All of these ideas can entertain anyone if you’re willing to try them out! And the best part, if you don’t know how to do something – that just takes up more time teaching yourself how to do it on Youtube or Google…WOO!

1) Craft Projects
Now, don’t feel like you have to be crafty for these. Whether if you want to knit a hat for your cat, or write a card to your family members – just have fun with it!
-paint a portrait
-decorate greeting cards
-make a scrapbook
-bedazzle old clothes
-make jewelry
-design mugs/glasses/platery
-learn to sow
-paint rocks for the garden (yes – it’s actually a thing don’t judge)

2) DIY Projects
If you feel like being more hands-on with starting your project from scratch, here are some ideas to inspire you!
-repaint furniture
-make your own soap
-cook a new cuisine (try to branch off from banana bread)
-design an accent wall in one of your rooms
-make candles
-set up a outdoor space with lights and seating
-build a basketball court in your backyard (and if you do, call us to come play)
-touch up any paint in your home
-print out photos and frame them

3) BUILDING (basically like DIY – just in it’s own category)
The best part of building something is that you get to paint and decorate it after – WOO more activities!
-organizational shelf/rack
-any animal house
-shoe rack

4) Creating New Ambiances
If you’re feeling like you need a change of scenery – switch things up and create a new space in your home!
-indoor garden
-outdoor garden
-home gym
-movie theater – you can get creative with this with a projector and a sheet, maybe build a fort!

5) Reorganization
Let’s put the “FUN” back in “Feng Shui” (yes we’re aware it’s spelt feng, but it sounds like fun and we couldn’t resist)! So here are some areas in your home that will probably take you hours to days to reorganize, and not to mention hopefully you’ll feel a sense of declutter!
-any shelving units
-sheds/extra storage
-clothing drawers
-rearrange your bedroom
-junk drawers

6) Cleaning
Last but certainly not least – if you’re totally losing it in your home, we guarantee you’ll feel better if you clean every square inch of your home that you haven’t probably thought about in years. Here are some spots to remind you!
-small appliances
-door knobs
-outdoor furniture
-throw pillows/blankets
-hung portraits/paintings/pictures
-old china/silverware

Who in a million years would have thought that we would be seeking advice and tips to spend time controlling our sanity through cleaning out our fridges or building a house for your pet? Well, certainly not us! But we’re just glad that we can be here to help you guys through this. We hope that you guys are enjoying these blogs, if you guys have any other ideas feel free to leave us a comment!

Hang in there Cardinal Crew!

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