Introducing BuyNewRVA

Your guide to Buying New Construction in the Richmond, Virginia Area

Building a new home, buying an existing new home, and purchasing a resale property are all very different experiences and processes altogether. For years, home buyers have consulted traditional Real Estate agents to represent them when purchasing a resale or existing home which has given them a tremendous advantage during the process. However, potential buyers who have specifically wanted to build a new home or buy an existing new home have relied on these same REALTORs® to guide them through this extremely different situation. For the most part, these agents have done a decent job in navigating what is often very uncharted waters even for the most experienced Real Estate agents. But traditional competitive market analysis only consisting of a small portion of the data (most new home sales never even make it into MLS) and a few calls to old pals, don’t truly give today’s buyer enough of the full picture to make what could be the biggest purchase of their lives. Knowing the area, a few comps (similar properties), the name of the builder and neighborhood just aren’t enough for today’s new home buyer. This has been the only option for customers having to rely on advisors not properly equipped or armed for this specific type of transaction. Until Now!

BuyNewRVA is a movement designed to change all of this. The Yeatman Group, a Long & Foster company, was specifically created to fill this void and provide the more specialized consultative representation that buyers have craved in this area for years. Our purpose is to assist home buyers in not only being represented but also more educated and informed when building or buying a new home.

There are so many facets to buying a new home including (but not limited to):

  • Finding the right geographic area
  • Choosing the right neighborhood
  • Selecting the best builder for the type of home you seek
  • Choosing the best homesite on which to build
  • Differentiating and identifying the best floorplan
  • Choosing an exterior elevation or architectural style
  • Figuring out which structural options, customizations, and spaces not only accommodate your wants and needs but that also bring value back if ever sold in the future
  • Navigating often thousands of options offered by builders
  • The extremely overwhelming design selections process
  • Choosing the right lender who offers not only the best deal but also the best service
  • Which closing attorney to represent you at closing

…The list goes on and on.

All of these aspects are just the surface level of what goes into the process of buying a new home. The average resale agent may be proficient in one of these areas at best! They just don’t have the experience or familiarity with this side of the industry. You wouldn’t want a Ford mechanic working on your Ferrari would you? It’s the same concept here.

With BuyNewRVA, our goal is to provide the absolute best top to bottom experience for today’s new home buyers and sellers. With experts in literally every area from negotiations, to construction, to design, financing, and more, we are more uniquely specialized to offer you the best support and guidance when buying or selling a new home.


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